KHF-30 SCBA Air Breathing Apparatus Cylinder Valve for Fireman
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KHF-30 SCBA Air Breathing Apparatus Cylinder Valve for Fireman

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The KHF-30 SCBA Air Breathing Apparatus Cylinder Valve for Fireman is an essential piece of equipment for firefighters and emergency responders. This high-quality valve is designed to provide reliable and efficient air flow to the wearer, ensuring that they can breathe easily and safely in hazardous environments.
  • KHF-30

  • Feilun



Product Parameters

Type No.KHF-30
Product NanmeGas Cylinder Valves for Air Rebreather
Outlet Thread(mm)G5/8
Joint Thread to Cylinder(mm)M18*1.5
Temp./Pressure of Safety Device(MPa)37~45
Body MaterialHPb59-1 Brass



Design features and functions:

  1. Set up an anti-self-locking structure to prevent the valve from closing itself due to collision during use

  2. Choose materials with sufficient strength and high temperature resistance

  3. Install a pressure gauge to display the remaining pressure value of the cylinder in the cylinder

  4. Equipped with an alarm device to remind the user to leave the scene as soon as possible when the air pressure in the bottle is too low

  5. Install two quick-plug connectors for simultaneous use by rescuers and trapped people



why choose us

  1. Quality assurance - The self-production of raw materials ensures that all components of the valve body meet the standard, and the valve body does not crack

  2. Brand influence - participated in the drafting of the national standard for this valve

  3. Price Advantage - Source factory has price competitive advantage and low MOQ requirements



1.What is the MOQ of SCBA valves? 

A: 1 PCS

2.What price terms are supported? 


3.What are available logistic methods? 


4.Does the thread of the valve support customization? 


5. When will the alarm go off?

A: Pressure at 5~6MPa

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