BR50/2 High Precision Gas Mixer Used for CO2 Ar Connected
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BR50/2 High Precision Gas Mixer Used for CO2 Ar Connected

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Gas mixer model BR50/2, BR100/2, KR50/2, KR100/2 serial gas mixing distributors are designed for large flow dual-gas mixing device for high precision mixing ratio of gases. They can be used together with the central gas supply device. The regulation of inlet pressure, outlet pressure, set alarm range, adjusting range of output pressure of them are convenient and the precision can be as high as less than ±0.8%. The gas buffer tank is avaliable at the outlet to make even and stable output of gas. The ratio device is mechanical part with full-enclosed casing. All electronic components are products from famoud manufacturers. They are safe and reliable for use and can be widely used in ship, chemical industry and machine making where various kinds of gas shielded welding is applied. Our company can design and process mixing distributor with different kinds of data on request of customers.
  • BR50/2

  • Feilun

Product Paremeters

Type No. Mixed Range Mixed Precision (%) Max. Inlet Pressure (MPa) Delivery Pressure (MPa) Max. Delivery Flow (Nm³/h)
BR50/2 0~50% ≤±0.8% 0.8~1.6 0.3~0.5 50
BR100/2 0~25% ≤±0.8% 0.8~1.6 0.3~0.5 100


0~25% ≤±0.8% 0.8~1.6 0.3~0.5 100
BR200/2 0~25% ≤±0.8% 0.8~1.6 0.3~0.5 200
BR200/3 0~25% ≤±0.8% 0.8~1.6 0.3~0.5 200
BR300/2 0~25% ≤±0.8% 1.0~1.6 0.3~0.8 300
KR50/2 0~50% ≤±0.8% 0.8~1.6 0.3~0.5 50
KR100/2 0~25% ≤±0.8% 0.8~1.6 0.3~0.5 100
KR200/2 0~25% ≤±0.8% 0.8~1.6 0.3~0.5 200

                                           BR - Non Combustible Gas         KR - Combustible Gas

                              BR                                      100(50)                   -                                2

                               |                                              |                                                               |

                         Binary gas                                   |                                                               |

                                                       Maximum flow of gas mixer Nm3/h                             |

                                                                                                                              Non combustible gas

HTB1iOGNOpXXXXXVaFXXq6xXFXXXegas mixer electrical control diagramgas mixer process flow diagrammixer,receiver connection process flow diagramBR100-2 model mixer dimensional drawing

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